Yugioh bam pocket!

Hey guys after quite some time i decided to update the website and add some new cool stuff, first i would like to talk you about yugioh bam pocket!

The best and most expensive deck i've seen

This probably is the best and most expensive deck i have seen in this month, by calculating the price of the cards alone it is worth more than 50$.

Yugioh Bam HD wallpaper

here i leave you guys a a little present, the HD version of the new yugioh bam wallpaper, if you didnt figure out how to download it from the fan page, here is the link

Yugioh Bam PVP coming soon!

it appears that pvp is really coming to yugioh bam in the following weeks, as we can read in the official fan page:

Fan deck builds! part 1

This is the first deck build we got posted on the unofficial fan page a couple of days ago, we think is great, it uses a couple of the new spellcasters and its very well balanced, specially if you take in consideration that most of the cards are not that hard to get, here it is:
We like the explaination to! someone has been doing its homework! thanks Juan Oliveira and we encourage our other fans to keep posting builds on the unofficial fan page

Spellcasters, all of the new ones

this images where posted in the fan page around 15 days ago, but a friend put them all together and it looks great

to view it in its original format hit this link

Rewards for beta testers!

2 days ago, at the official facebook page:
"Last week we hinted at a special treat to thank all our beta testers…. Well here it is! We’ve created a new card, The Millennium Shield for your exclusive use! As an extra thank you, we’ve also added 15 DPs to your existing amount. Enjoy!"